Information for Resident Artists


With eighty to one hundred residencies every year we attempt to address most of your questions below.

BEFORE you email us your questions please read all of this page.

Your Stay

Your residency is for the calendar month (first to the end).

The Foundation attempts to accommodate early arrivals and departures the day before to after the scheduled residency so that the artists can take advantage of cheaper flights.

Please let the Foundation know of your dates.

The Facilities

The Studios

Studios are not booked individually and are generally assigned on a first come, first served basis.

There are four almost identical 1,000 square foot ( 93 square metres) studios on the upper floor of the main building, each consisting of a bedroom, bathroom and large studio space. Each has large windows and access to an exterior deck. Two face north over a field and two face south over the street and churchyard.

There are four identical 900 square foot (84 square metres) studio lofts facing north over a field, with the bedroom and bathroom in a loft open to the lower studio space. They each have their own exterior exit onto the field. You cannot access the main building without going outdoors.

All studios have a double or queen bed, shower, toilet, sofa, chairs, tables, sink, linens, towels, microwave, stove and oven, kettle, toaster, fridge and standard kitchen and dining utensils.

All studios have easels, work tables, glass palettes etc. You may staple canvases or screw panels to the studio wall. We have rolls of plastic you can use to cover walls and floor to accommodate the mess.

There is free high speed wifi and reading materials in each studio but there are no televisions nor cable hookup.

You are responsible to provide your own food, cleaning supplies, and toiletries etc.

Each room in your studio has a thermostat to control the temperature. We want you to be comfortable but if you are cold please put on a sweater before you turn up the heat. If you are out for the day, overnight and on departure please turn down your thermostat. Maximum 20 degrees please. Please keep in mind that Newfoundland has some of the most expensive utility charges in North America.

Common Kitchen/Dining Area

In the main building is a common kitchen and dining area equipped for most culinary adventures. And where you will find a wide range of utensils and supplies not in your studio.

A large dining table can accommodate all the residents at once and is used for gatherings.

It is also the place where the free laundry facilities are located which makes the room a place to socialize. We do not provide laundry detergent or softener.

PLEASE clean up after yourselves. PLEASE clear the lint trap after use.

Play Rooms

In the main building on the lower floor are two play rooms where there is a ping pong table, pool table, and dart board. Also a Pac Man machine, miscellaneous board games and cards, large library of old books etc. We will be adding more amenities in the future.

Exercise Room

At the end of the hall in the lower floor is an exercise room with yoga mats, weights and treadmills. We hope to add other equipment as funds permit.

Art Supplies

There is a limited and expensive variety of art supplies available in the province.

We recommend you either ship or bring what you will require. Allow three weeks for shipment from the United States.

For quicker hassle-free shipment try one of the many art supply places in Toronto (ex. Above Ground, Curry’s or Gwartzman’s).

Recently (2020) we have become aware of Art Cansel at 210 Kenmount Road, St. John’s. Please contact BEV NEWHOOK | Operations Manager, Art Cansel at direct: (709) 682-2245 | mobile: (709) 682-2245 or 1 (888) 222-6735 for a quote.

Stretched canvas can be prepared in the dimensions you require by our friends at Image Fusion,1042 Topsail Road, Mount Pearl. Please allow adequate time for delivery. They can also build and pack crates as required.

There are usually some miscellaneous art supplies, packing materials, crates and stretchers at the facility which can be available to you.


There are a wide range of manual and power tools in the tool room at the facility.

Tape guns, staplers, staple removers, clamp lights, plastic etc.

You are welcome to use any of them IF you return them upon use.

Phone & Wifi

Cell service is available in Pouch Cove from the major providers.

There is no landline at the residence.

There is free high speed internet access at the residence.

WiFi password will be provided on arrival.

Friends, Family and Pets

The residency program is designed to provide individual artists with the time and space to create in a community of their peers.

If partners are also creative people who are able to share the live/work space provided to the invited artist, the Foundation is prepared to entertain their presence for the duration of the residency through a specific request prior to arrival.

Otherwise, partners and family would be limited to the first or last week of the residency and only if they are able to share the resident’s space. It would be appreciated that the Foundation is advised prior to arrival.

There are other accommodations available in Pouch Cove and we would be pleased to recommend as required.

The Foundation is willing to allow pets on a case by case basis and in consultation with the other residents prior to arrival. Please do not assume that your pet is acceptable.

NO Smoking

Please, there is no smoking in the building.

Linens and Towels

The program provides linens and towels. We would appreciate you leaving them as you found them, clean.

Should you depart in the early morning please strip your bed and leave linens and towels to be cleaned in a pile on the floor.

Garbage & Recycling

There is a large garbage box on the parking lot in which you place your refuse in opaque garbage bags and recycling of clean bottles, jars, clear plastics etc. in clear plastic bags for weekly pick up by the Town of Pouch Cove.


There is a shared laundry facility available in the common kitchen on the gallery level.

The washer and dryer are free but we do not supply detergent.

Video Surveillance

The Foundation’s property has video surveillance on the exterior and lower floors of the main building.

Studio Visits, Talks, etc.

Your studio is the Foundation’s gift to you.

We do not do studio visits unless invited.

There is no obligation on your part to participate in any event or do any presentation, talk etc.

Should you wish to host or participate in an event the PCF will work with you.

Recommended Reading

The Danger Tree by David Macfarlane

Theatre of Fish by John Gimlette

This Marvellous Terrible Place by Momatiuk & Eastcott

Down to the Dirt by Joel Hynes

Rare Birds by Ed Riche (also a movie)

Colony of Unrequited Dreams by Wayne Johnston

The Shipping News by E Annie Proulx

Getting Here

Air Travel

St. John’s International Airport (YYT) is serviced by Air Canada, WestJet and Porter.

Please note the airport code on your ticket.

We are NOT Saint John, New Brunswick.

Please send the Foundation the flight itinerary provided by the airline upon booking your flights.

Book your flights sixty days in advance of your residency.

The Foundation does attempt to accommodate arrivals the day before or after the scheduled residency so artists can get the best flight deals. Please inquire to see if we can assist.

For those arriving from outside Canada you may need a VISA.

Also please download the Arrive Can application for Covid related entry requirements:

The Foundation is happy to provide supporting documentation as required by immigration authorities.

When you arrive in Canada you are asked upon entry the purpose of your visit please state that the purpose of your visit is tourism.

Immigration officers might confuse the word “residency” with “residence”. If you say you are coming for an artist residency, you may be confused with someone who is trying to immigrate to Canada. That can cause multiple problems for you.

The Foundation endeavours to provide transportation from the airport to Pouch Cove when flights arrive during the day.

Taxi fare from the airport to the Foundation is approximately $100 dollars Canadian if you arrive in the morning hours, or you may consider one of the airport motels.

Should you arrive during the day we endeavour to take you first to the Dominion supermarket so that you can purchase groceries and liquor before heading to Pouch Cove.

Ground Travel

The Marine Atlantic ferry has a six hour overnight sailing from North Sydney, Nova Scotia, to Port aux Basques, Newfoundland, daily.

We recommend the night crossing as it arrives at 7 am and gives you the day to drive the eleven (11) hours to Pouch Cove. Please book early and reserve a berth for best accommodation.

The drive from Port aux Basques and Pouch Cove is approximately eleven (11) hours stopping for gas and lunch. Please text the Foundation that you are in transit.

Between mid June and mid September there is an optional seventeen (17) hour ferry from Argentia, Newfoundland to North Sydney, Nova Scotia.

We recommend that you come via Port aux Basques and return via Argentia or vice versa to make the best use of your travel time.

When you exit the Trans Canada Highway going North on Torbay Road the Dominion supermarket is the first right on Stavanger Drive.

Local Car Rental & Transportation

Having a car is NOT a necessity while in residence.

We have an ancient Volvo that can be used upon request for grocery runs or visits to St. John’s.

Usually at least one of the other artists has driven to Newfoundland and cooperates for drives to the grocery store and excursions if you chip in for gas.

Should you wish to rent a car to further explore the island please book the rental months prior to your arrival as rental cars in peak periods are extremely limited.

Also please do your research, the province is much bigger than most visitors realize.

There is no public transit from Pouch Cove to St. John’s.

We will do our best to get you to your flight for departure.

Directions to the Foundation

If you are arriving by Air

You are coming to St. John’s International Airport (YYT)

– After leaving the airport you will reach a traffic light on a divided four lane highway. Turn LEFT
– Within a short distance there is another set of lights at Major’s Path. Turn LEFT
– Major’s Path ends after about a mile at Torbay Road, Turn LEFT
– From there it is a twenty minute drive through Torbay to Pouch Cove.
– There are two ways north, the old road or the bypass, both will get you to your destination.
– When you come into Pouch Cove, you will pass the D&L convenience store on your left and the Town Hall on your right.
– Then there is the only Stop sign on the Main Road.
– Turn LEFT (Gruchy’s Hill ); the large studio building is immediately on your right

If you are arriving by Car

– From the Port-aux-Basques Ferry you have about an eleven hour drive to St. John’s
– From the Argentia Ferry you have about a two and a half hour drive to St. John’s
– Stay on the Trans Canada Highway until the Torbay Road North. exit.
– From there it is a twenty minute drive through Torbay to Pouch CoThere are two ways north, the old road or the bypass, both will get you to your destination.
– When you come into Pouch Cove, you will pass the D&L convenience store on your left and the Town Hall on your right.
– Then there is the only Stop sign on the Main Road.
– Turn LEFT (Gruchy’s Hill); the studio building is immediately on your right

Shipping Instructions

Mail or other shipping can be sent to artists in residence as follows;


c/o The Pouch Cove Foundation
P.O. Box 693
14 Gruchy’s Hill
Pouch Cove, NL
A0A 3L0


(709) 771-9490

If shipping packages or crates in advance of your residency please allow ample time (2-3 weeks in Canada) for arrival.

If shipping from another country please declare the minimum value and be prepared to pay 15% taxes plus hefty fees to receive your belongings. The PCF will pay if you are not here but expects reimbursement on arrival.

The PCF has various packing materials and crates on hand for outward bound shipping and can assist with pick up on an individual basis.

Local Suggestions

Groceries & Liquor & Drugs

For last minute milk, eggs, beer, etc., D&L Convenience store in Pouch Cove is reasonably stocked, open 8-10 7 days a week, and is a three minute walk from the Foundation.

Pouch Cove Pharmacy at top of hill on Main Road (2.5 kilometres from the Foundation) for all medical needs and has a small Liquor outlet.

Foodland is the closest grocery store in Torbay (about a 10 minute drive). It has a medium sized Liquor Outlet.

Dominion (Loblaws) is the biggest and best stocked supermarket (20 minute drive) located on Stavanger Avenue in St. John’s with a Large Newfoundland Liquor Store attached.

In that area there is a Dollarama, Marks Work Wearhouse, Kent’s Building Supplies, Staples, Michael’s Crafts etc.


Should you wish to explore the wonderful East Coast Hiking Trails alone please tell someone which direction you are heading and when you will return. Better yet, go with someone. Bring waterproof gear, good boots, and warm sweaters. There is no bad weather, just poor clothing choices.


The Duke of Duckworth – Best fish and chips, great Guinness

Chinched – Good Food, great sausages

The Adelaide Oyster House – Loud hip scene, good tacos

Local Attractions

Signal Hill Historic Site – Ireland on the horizon!

Cape Spear – Most Easterly point in North American

O’Briens Bird Island Charters – Puffins, whales, in season

MUN Botanical Gardens – Native fauna & walking trail, restaurant

Marine Science Lab – Seals, sea urchins and more

The Irish Loop – A day trip with many highlights


In the past few years our mind reading abilities have significantly declined, therefore we need you to tell us should you have a problem. It is not that we can necessarily solve your problem, but we like to know.

Now if you have read all this and still have a question please email us and we would be delighted to assist.


P.O. Box 693
14 Gruchy’s Hill
Pouch Cove, NL
A0A 3L0

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